Meagan Stockemer

director of photography



            Meagan Stockemer has an approachability and professional ease which creates an unmatched collaborative energy between her subjects, producers and crew members. With over a decade of experience behind the camera for some of America’s most watched reality and documentary programs, Meagan’s current work as a Director of Photography has received critical success including a GLAAD award for LGBT storytelling. With an attachment to the Motor City, Meagan is able to capture a raw aesthetic and underdone beauty unique to reality television. Shooting with living legend rock stars in Tokyo, documenting housewives wander the desert in Dubai or capturing Americana in its truest form in Buffalo, Meagan brings a deep sense of humanity and storytelling to every take. She is endlessly versatile and creative, understanding the ever swaying balance needed to capture human emotion in real time. Having lived in cities across the US and worked globally, Meagan currently splits her time between Los Angeles and Northern Michigan.  She has a lifelong passion for travel, storytelling and capturing the world around her.



PHONE: 248-321-4461